Winter Classes at The Baum School of Art - Center Square Lofts

Winter Classes at The Baum School of Art

Winter is quickly approaching, and it’s a good time for an indoor activity to keep you busy! TK residents get 50% off classes at The Baum School of Art. If want to take advantage of this discount but are not sure which class you want to take, check out our list for the top 5 classes to take!

  1. Pastels
    Students will be taken on a pastel journey with a very forgiving medium. Application methods, types of paper, many types of pastels, pastel accessories, and a variety of techniques will be explored. Beginners and advanced students are always welcome and may work at their own pace. This will be a friendly and fun experience.
  2. Intro to Jewelry & Metalsmithing
    In this introductory course, students will discover the working properties of non-ferrous metals and experiment with a range of metalsmithing fabrication techniques, while working with a variety of specialized hand tools, equipment, and torches. This class covers all of the basics, including: soldering, annealing, forming, cold joinery, bezel setting, finishing, and workshop safety. Students are encouraged to take this class several times before moving up to the Intermediate and Advanced Jewelry & Metalsmithing.
  3. Beginner’s Painting
    Learn the basics needed to build the foundation to create a successful painting and grow as an artist. We will start with a detailed review of the supplies and materials you will need for either acrylic or oil painting. You’ll cover basic color theory and color mixing and explore various painting techniques. In addition to the technical aspects of painting, students will learn how value, focal point, composition and perspective are essential to creating a painting that is visually impactful. This class will give you the tools to assert your creativity, develop your own aesthetic or style, and discover a whole new level of artistic expression.
  4. Pottery
    Learn the process of throwing, shaping and trimming clay on the potter’s wheel. Students will learn the skills necessary to throw cylinders, cups, bowls and more. Students will have an opportunity to explore surface decoration techniques to enhance their thrown pieces. Finally, students will gain an understanding of glazing techniques to complete their projects.
  5. Drawing & Oil Painting
    A relaxing and enjoyable class, suitable for beginners as well as professional artists. This class teaches a traditional approach to art, focusing on portrait and figure painting/drawing using models (clothed). The class improves artistic skills through traditional systems and simplification of artistic concepts, so students can better express themselves artistically, regardless of their style or medium.

Still not seeing a class that grabs your interest? Find the full brochure here. If you’re ready to sign up for a class, click here to get instructions on how to use your discount!

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