Bella Bridesmaids 1 Year Anniversary - Center Square Lofts

Bella Bridesmaids 1 Year Anniversary

How are you celebrating being open 1 year in Downtown Allentown?
We are celebrating ALL week! We are doing an Instagram giveaway, photo opportunities inside the showroom, and sampling local treats and drinks during our appointments. We are also doing 10% off all month for any dress in the store!

What’s your favorite memory since opening this past year?
My favorite memory since opening was definitely seeing photos of our first wedding. When you see it come full circle, it truly is very humbling. I love being part of a bride’s special day and seeing photos of the bridesmaids in their gowns is truly very special. You see all your hard work paid off!

What’s the best part about having your business in Downtown Allentown?
The best part of having my business downtown is when I hear my customers say to me “You really couldn’t have picked a better location to open your store”. It’s amazing to hear how the public feels about Downtown Allentown and its growth. I know I made the right choice investing this franchise in the heart of downtown, but nothing beats it when your customers are excited about the revitalization too!

Why did you choose to open your business in Downtown Allentown?
I chose to open my business in Downtown Allentown because it’s the place to be right now. Whether for big events, local eating, or just to go out with friends, downtown is the place to be. We are standing out from Easton and Bethlehem and I am excited for its accelerated growth. Even a year has made a huge difference. I can only imagine three, five and ten years!

What are some benefits of being a City Center tenant?
City Center feels like a really big family. They are always asking how you are doing, saying hello when you see them in the building, supporting your events, sending referrals.

Tell us something you learned from owning a business in Downtown Allentown.
Being married, having a young daughter plus owning a franchise has taught me a lot about disconnection. When I say that, I mean being able to disconnect once I would leave the shop. Realizing that, those emails can wait and that when I come home, my family and friends have me at my best. Being able to adjust that work/life balance, was super hard in the beginning, but this business made me realize how important family and friends are and how fast life goes by.

What do you have planned for the upcoming year? We are thinking about construction! We can’t believe it! We are possibly adding more dressing rooms to accommodate more brides and their bridesmaids. Even thinking about changing the layout of the store! Change is a good right?

Are there any new products you’re excited about? YES! We just came back from Bridal Fashion Week in October and we are super eager for our Spring 2020 collection to arrive! Would you believe us if I told you our designers discontinue colors and styles every six months? We keep things so fresh and new within Bella Bridesmaids which allows us to always be on-trend.

What are some trends you’re expecting for 2020 bridesmaids’ dresses?
Neutrals and Satins! Boy are we excited about it! We are seeing more and more neutral colors like ivory & champagne take the front of bridesmaid dresses. Velvet is still trend-worthy for our fall/winter brides. We are excited about the new fabrics like Fluid Satin from Amsale, the classic Satin Back Crepe by Jenny Yoo, to Stretch Charmeuse from Dessy. These lightweight yet elegant fabrics are making a statement for next year!

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